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Co-Founded in 2020 by Dimitrios and Michael, situated at the center of Heraklion with ample dedicated space , professional equipment and creativity to tackle any concept of product , portraiture and model photography.
Other areas of our involvement pertain ->
On-site photography coverage for all your commercial and social needs, including architectural , aerial , event and wedding photography
Last but not least, we are firm believers in self improvement, so we also organize educational one-on-one courses, workshops and webinars covering practical and theoretical topics of the Art of Photography
I'm Michael Liparakis and I live and work in Greece as a photographer .My involvement with the Art of Photography begins with street photography and later evolved to professional level assignments of wedding , food and product photography but always keeping an artistic view in mind. From 2020 we Co-founded Studio Octagon with Dimitrios so we could have our own dedicated creative space for our photography concepts, exhibitions and workshops.   . I am also an instructor of food and product workshops and regularly hold personal exhibitions in various venues. 
''Anything new about photography drives me to explore my limits''
Personal website  www.shotsoftime.eu

Born abroad, raised on the Island of Crete and lived in various cities of our world. My origins dictate a multicultural way of understanding life and capturing images. 
I started dabbling with photography with film cameras and evolved my skills in the digital era, mainly in landscape and long exposure photography.
About 10 years ago I got my first freelance photography assignment which was for a series of  travel guides , I got immediately hooked and from that time on I decided to become a full time photographer.  
Some projects later in Greece and abroad we Co-founded Studio Octagon with Michael so we could have our own dedicated creative space for our photography concepts, exhibitions and workshops.
My current main Focus areas are Architectural , Event and Concept Product photography
Personal website www.dbolbasis.gr
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